Airobot L

Airobot L

  • Airflow up to 250 m3/h or 69 L/s (100Pa)

  • Recommended ventilated area up to 120 m2

  • Heat recovery

  • Installation: false ceiling

Airobot L ERV

  • Airflow up to 200 m3/h or 56 L/s (100Pa)

  • Recommended ventilated area up to 100 m2

  • Humidity and heat recovery

  • Installation: false ceiling

Airobot L heat exchanger

  • Heat recovery counterflow heat exchanger

  • Heat recovery efficiency 89,0% (70% airflow)

Airobot L ERV heat exchanger

  • Moisture and heat recovery counterflow heat exchanger

  • Heat recovery efficiency 81,0% (70% airflow, with moisture recovery)

  • Moisture recovery efficiency 48,0% (70% airflow)


  • New generation RadiCal EC fans

  • Auto mode fan control 0 – 100%, manual mode 0 – 10 speed options

  • Fan max power 2 x 83W

  • Reduced fan noise using Flowgrid


  • Integrated preheater for frost protection in cold climates

  • The device is made of EPP material. It is possible to order the device without a sheet metal housing.

  • Autonomous mode – demand based ventilation ensures maximal energy saving and good indoor climate

  • Integrated sensors: CO2, 4 temperature, 4 humidity

  • Room presence detection (with energy saving mode) – device automatically detects the presence in the building by multiple sensors input and switches to energy saving mode when needed

  • Humidity mode – detects excess humidity automatically and increases ventilation speed.

  • Automatic summer cooling (bypass)


  • Wall-attached controller, Cat5e cable used for connection

  • Controllable by iOS or Android mobile application 

  • Modbus TCP home automation control

  • Automatic fire alarm input


  • Duct connection 160mm

  • Condensate drain connection 15mm (3m hose included)

  • For the L ERV model, no condensate drain is required (under normal conditions). However, drainage is required in high humidity conditions. Specify with dealer.

  • Panel filters: extract ePM10 55% (M5) / outside air ePM1 55% (F7)

  • Package size: 118 x 32 x 66 cm, weight 40kg, without sheet metal casing weight 20kg.

  • Warranty 2 aastat

  • CE certified

  • Device has been measured in an independent accredited laboratory and complies with the ecodesign directives established by the European Union


  • Upgradable to use external devices/accessories (preheating system based on the geothermal heating)

  • Wifi applicable exta module ( in case the internet cable does not reach the device)


Without casing



  • TYPE R (standard)
  • TYPE L
  1. Exhaust air
  2. Outside air
  3. Supply air
  4. Extract air
  1. Supply air
  2. Extract air
  3. Exhaust air
  4. Outside air


In the box

  • 1 Airobot L

  • 1 wall attached controller with 2pcs 5x25mm screws

  • 1 controller Cat5e cable, 5 meters

  • 1 pluggable power cable (EU), length 1.8m (C13)

  • 1 set wall mounting screws 4pcs 4,5x60mm

  • 14 x 18mm condensate hose, length 3m

  • Documentation

Energy labels

Airobot L

Airobot L without casing

Airobot L ERV

Airobot L ERV without casing

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