Airobot S

Airobot S1

  • Airflow up to 400m3/h or 111L/s

  • Recommended ventilated area up to 170m2

  • Heat recovery (humidity recovery optional)

  • Installation: on the wall

Airobot S2

  • Airflow up to 500m3/h or 139L/s

  • Recommended ventilated area up to 250m2

  • Heat recovery (humidity recovery optional)

  • Installation: on the wall

Heat exchanger


  • Counter-flow heat exchanger

  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 96%

  • Heat recovery efficiency S1 92,6% / S2 92,2% (70% airflow)

Enthalpy heat exchanger (ERV)


  • Counter-flow heat exchanger

  • Heat recovery efficiency up to 90%

  • Humidity recovery efficiency up to 80%

  • Heat recovery efficiency S1 ERV 87,0% / S2 ERV 85,1% (70% airflow)

  • Humidity recovery efficiency S1 ERV 54,2% / S2 ERV 53,2% (70% airflow)


  • Energy efficient and quality EC fans

  • Auto mode fan control 0 – 100%, manual mode 0 – 10 speed options

  • S1 model 2 x 118W, S2 model 2 x 163W


  • Integrated preheater for frost protection in cold climates

  • Autonomous mode – demand based ventilation ensures maximal energy saving and good indoor climate

  • Integrated sensors: CO2, 4 temperature, 4 humidity, 1 differential pressure for filter

  • Room presence detection (with energy saving mode) – device automatically detects someone’s presence in the building using input from multiple sensors and switches to energy saving mode when needed

  • Humidity mode – automatically detects excess humidity and increases ventilation speed.

  • Automatic summer cooling (bypass)


  • Wall-attached controller, Cat5e cable used for connection

  • Controllable by iOS or Android mobile application 

  • Modbus TCP home automation control

  • Automatic fire alarm input


  • Duct connection S1 160mm, S2 200mm (can be changed)

  • Panel filters 2x ePM10 55% (M5), optionally outside air ePM1 55% (F7)

  • Package size 60x80x131cm, weight 60kg

  • Warranty 2 years

  • CE certified

  • The device has been measured in an independent accredited laboratory and complies with the ecodesign directives established by the European Union

Optional accessories

  • Enthalpy heat exchanger (ERV)

  • External device control module (external ground source heating / cooling)

  • External Wifi AP in case cable connection not possible

Measurements and ducts

  • TYPE R
  • TYPE L
  1. Supply air
  2. Extract air
  3. Exhaust air
  4. Outside air
  1. Exhaust air
  2. Outside air
  3. Supply air
  4. Extract air


In the box

  • 1 Airobot S

  • 1 wall-attached controller

  • 1 wall attached controller CAT5e cable, length 5 m

  • 1 pluggable power cable (EU), length 2m (C19)

  • 1 wall mounting frame, 3pcs 6x50mm screws

  • 1 condensate trap

  • Documentation

Energy labels

Airobot S1

Airobot S1 ERV

Airobot S2

Airobot S2 ERV

We place great emphasis on simplicity and user-friendliness,so Airobot devices work straight out of the box. The airobot must be mounted on the wall, connected to the ventilation ducts and power, and the device will start operating immediately. As the frost protection and sensors are all integrated in the device, there is no need to install anything further. The installation instructions and the required conditions can be found in the installation manual (found on the help centre page).

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