Duct cooler and heater

Ventilation cooling and preheating based on geothermal heating. Due to the uniqueness of the Airobot, you are able to use two different solutions in one heater. The Airobot device switches on the circulation pump and controls the circulation in the heater. The system is connected directly to the soil circuit and the heat transfer medium circulates in the heater. Assumes the presence of a soil contour.

Winter preheating

Allows you to preheat the outside air, which reduces the energy used by the device for winter frost protection.

Summer cooling

The warm air from the outside is cooled and the ventilation device directs the bypassing of the cooled air through the valve past the heat exchanger, directly into the room. In addition, the system allows the heat to be returned to the ground in summer (preparing for a new heating period) and, as a result, the efficiency of the ground source heat pump is higher – even in winter.


  • In summer, the desired indoor temperature can be selected, and when this is reached, the cooling is switched off automatically.

  • The Airobot ventilation unit monitors and checks that the supply air temperature does not fall below the permissible level. The lowest allowable inlet temperature is calculated by the device in real time with dew point formulas, therefore the formation of condensation on the piping is excluded.

  • To control, Airobot ventilation units must have the following optional equipment: (EXT-CTRL) control capability for external units.


  • The heater is placed between the outside air piping and the appliance. The circulation pump is not included, consult a heating engineer to choose the right pump.

  • The air volumes of the ventilation system by rooms are very small and this system does not meet the standards set for cooling. The solution allows some cooling of the interior, but it is not comparable to, for example, an air conditioner or other similar cooling system.

  • During the summer, the soil may warm up and the temperature of the heat transfer medium rises constantly, and eventually it may no longer be possible to obtain cooling energy from the ground.

  • In summer, the system allows the heat to be returned to the ground (to prepare for a new heating period), and as a result, the efficiency of the ground source heat pump is higher even in winter.


  • The heater is available in two versions: 160mm and 200mm with connecting pipe diameter.

  • It is required to install a filter cartridge before calibrating to protect the unit from excessive dirt. 160mm for FD 160 and 200mm for FD 200.

  • Dimensions and price list of accessories

  • Instructions for use and installation

  • Connection diagram and location in the ventilation system

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