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Perfect air

Advanced technology

Airobot is a smart heat recovery ventilation unit for maintaining the perfect home climate. Airobot senses air temperature, CO2 and humidity levels, and adjusts output autonomously.

A healthy choice

Nearly 90% of our time is spent indoors. Indoor air can be full of bacteria, dust and other health hazards, especially for those with allergies. Clean air shouldn’t be a luxury, it should be available for everyone.


A supremely sustainable indoor climate solution. Backward-curved impellers, FlowGrid technology and smart control provide 30% energy savings.

Conceived in 2013 together with university scientists, Airobot is probably the smartest ventilation system in the world. “I believe Airobot can provide efficient and intuitively controllable units that will help make people’s lives easier.” Professor Jarek Kurnitski, Director of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at TalTech.

Choose your Airobot

Airobot V8

Airobot V8

Ventilation unit with heat recovery
Airflow up to 800m3/h (222L/s) or up to 380m2 of floor space

Airobot V3


Ventilation unit with heat and humidity recovery
Airflow up to 309m3/h (86L/s) or up to 140m2 of floor space

Airobot L


Ventilation unit with heat and humidity recovery
Airflow up to 250m3/h (70L/s) or up to 120m2 of floor space

Airobot S


Ventilation unit with heat and humidity recovery
Airflow up to 500m3/h (139L/s) or up to 250m2 of floor space

Packed with advanced tech

90-day money-back

Buy risk-free. Return your unit if it doesn’t meet your expectations.


Airobot will be delivered to your home.


Buy now, only start paying in 3 months.

Made in

Airobot is 100% Estonian-made. At Airobot, we assemble each ventilation unit by hand, from start to finish.


As the manufacturer, we know each unit inside and out. We know exactly how it’s supposed to function.

EAS has decided to contribute to the Airobot OÜ product development project “Next generation ventilation units.” The product development project aims to develop next-generation smart ventilation units, including both hardware and software development. The total cost of the project is 318,845 euro, of which 143,480.25 euro was received as a grant and 175 364.75 euro was self-financed. The product development project is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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