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Indoor air contains bacteria, dust and pathogens that can cause health problems, especially for allergy sufferers. So clean air should not be a luxury, but a natural part of everyday life. A healthy environment improves our ability to work and the quality of sleep, which in turn improves our well-being, increases productivity and capacity, and strengthens health.

Thanks to a smart software solution, the new generation energy-efficient Airobot indoor climate system keeps indoor air quality under control without user intervention. In addition, the system can be controlled from a wall-mounted remote control or via a mobile application to provide a convenient view of the indoor climate, wherever you are.


The most innovative devices,  developed and manufactured purely in Estonia, have risen to the top of the world, helping you make both physical and mental daily activities even more enjoyable. Why not let cutting-edge technology into your household?

About 50%

of diseases are caused by poor air quality

Up to 90%

of our lives are spent indoors

Up to 50x

indoor air quality may be worse than outdoor air

Up to 15%

of homes have allergy problems

Wall mounted

Airobot S

World class. High-tech

Ventilation unit with an elegant design and world-class heat recovery, designed to provide you with the best indoor climate. Already equipped with state-of-the-art technology as standard.

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False ceiling mounted

Airobot L

Compact. Quiet. High-tech

Extremely quiet and compact ceiling-mounted heat recovery ventilation unit. Already equipped with state-of-the-art technology as standard.

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An overview of your home, no matter where you are

Airobot ventilation equipment and heating control solutions can be controlled via the physical control panel and the iOS and Android mobile application from anywhere, regardless of location. Through the mobile application, you can see the statistics of the air quality indicators of your dwellings for the last 24 hours.

Constantly evolving

Airobot products are connected to the development centre via the cloud, so the device itself develops automatically without human intervention. Continuous development work with software and innovations ensure that the ventilation device will be high-tech even after many years. Everything works automatically and no user intervention is required.


Airobot ventilation units are equipped with Modbus TCP automation capabilities as standard, through which it is possible to connect the unit to almost any home automation.

Manufactured in the EU

Airobot is an entirely Estonian product. Airobot foremen assemble each ventilation unit manually from start to finish. Your future Airobot is made with spirit.

Manufacturer support

As a manufacturer, we know every device through and through. We know exactly how one device should work. If you have any questions or concerns, we will generally respond to your letters or calls within hours. Airobot devices are also remote controlled.

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