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Who are we?

Airobot OÜ is a technology and production company founded in 2013. We develop and produce intelligent heat recovery ventilation units and heating control solutions.

Airobot story

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the air is thick.” So have we – and in 2013, we discovered that the air quality in office premises is also not very good. When we tested it, we discovered that the source of the problem was the high levels of carbon dioxide. In nature, we enjoy fresh air from lush forests, swamps or bogs to the fullest, but indoors, we are often forced to accept an oxygen-poor environment. But it doesn’t have to be this way – the air we breathe indoors can also be fresh air.

That’s how we came up with the idea; what if the ventilation system could collect information, analyse it and make its own decisions based on the results to make the air better? Quietly, a series of intelligent devices able to control the indoor climate of the building began to grow out of the idea.
But for ideas to be realised, you need a team that can design the device. To this end, we communicated with researchers from the University of Tartu and the Tallinn University of Technology, as well as hardware and software specialists. Gradually, a clear vision grew out of the joint venture – to create the device in full in Estonia. In five years, we developed a product that is now one of the best in the world. This is confirmed by positive feedback from users, the interest of several countries, but also the desire of large developers to use Airobot ventilation systems in their projects.

We are not mistaken in saying that the foundation of Airobot is the know-how of our software engineers, the use of the internet-of-things solutions and a knowledge of materials science. Although we have changed, improved and refined our prototypes on several occasions, we know that a clear vision and belief will result in setbacks. You must love your work as a passionate hobby, otherwise it is difficult to resist difficulties. That is how you achieve success.

Airobot team

E-mail: info@airobothome.com
Phone: +372 513 3745
Address: Mahtra 30a, Tallinn, 13811, Estonia

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