Underfloor heating control

Water underfloor heating control system. TO BE ANNOUNCED

Airobot Heating

System components

Underfloor heating control module

The control module is placed next to the water floor heating collectors (manifolds) and the room temperature is controlled by switching the motors placed on the valves.

  • Power supply: 230V 10A, plug connection
  • Internet: LAN or WIFI
  • Manifold motors: 230V or 24V
  • Allows you to control up to 8 zones and 16 engines.
  • Possibility to combine several control modules in one system if the collectors are located in several different places.

touchscreen controller

7 “touchscreen tablet style control panel for controlling the Airobot heating and ventilation system. Wall mounted.

  • Connection: Wifi. The control module and control panel must be connected to the same wireless Wi-Fi network, but no internet connection is required.
  • Power: 230V – 5V USB converter (included),
  • Recessed wall box for power (minimum depth 60mm)


Wireless temperature and humidity sensor. One sensor is placed in each conductive zone (or room).

  • Radio 868Mhz indoor coverage 10 – 50m (depending on the environment)
  • Battery powered, lifespan 1-3 years
  • Wired version also available

Airobot ventilation unit

The Airobot Home system control panel also allows you to control the Airobot ventilation unit. The control panel also works separately: either controls only the ventilation unit or the heating system.

  • The ventilation unit must be connected to the same LAN (cable) or wirelessly to an additional Wi-Fi router.

Ultimate precision and latest technology

  • Unlike alternative systems, Airobot sensors are equipped with highly accurate air temperature (± 0.2) and relative humidity sensors, which allow the system to be controlled even more efficiently and intelligently.

  • Intelligent balancing – the system is constantly learning and improving itself in an attempt to keep the room temperature as stable as possible.

  • Latest IoT technology is used, which allows the system to be set up very easily and to be wireless and secure.

Easy to set up and use

  • User-friendly interface – easy to learn

  • Same interface on the home controller and mobile application, which makes it even easier to use.

  • Check home heating and ventilation regardless of location. System is compatible with all Airobot ventilation equipment.

  • System uses wireless internet or a wired intranet.

  • Due to the wireless solution, the entire system can also be installed in an existing building or replace an older system.

E-mail: info@airobothome.com
Phone: +372 513 3745
Address: Mahtra 30a, Tallinn, 13811, Estonia

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