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Technical specifications

Airobot L5

Airflow up to 500m3/h or 139L/s
Recommended ventilation area 250m2
Heat recovery
Installation: ceiling-mounted

Airobot L5 ERV

Airflow up to 500m3/h or 139L/s
Recommended ventilation area up 250m2
Heat and humidity recovery
Installation: ceiling-mounted

Heat exchanger

Airobot L5

Counter flow plate heat exchanger with heat recovery

Heat recovery efficiency L5 85,6% (70% airflow)

Heat exchangers

Airobot L5 ERV

Counter flow plate heat exchanger with heat- and humidity recovery

Heat recovery efficiency L5 ERV 88,7% (70% airflow, combined with humidity recovery)

Humidity recovery efficiency L5 ERV 66% (70% airflow)


RadiCal EC fans

Flowgrid technology – increased efficiency and reduced noise levels

Speed continuously adjustable 0-100% in automatic mode, incrementally adjustable 0-10 in manual mode

Power 2 x 170W


Integrated sensors: CO2, VOC, 4 air temperature and humidity sensors

Occupancy sensing and energy-saving mode – Airobot senses room occupancy by combining data from several sensors. It activates energy-saving mode automatically when necessary.

Integrated frost protection (preheater), nominal power  1.5 kW, PTC 0-100% control

Humidity detection – whenever the unit senses a sudden increase in humidity, it switches to a higher speed

Automatic summer bypass

Autonomous control – smart motor control ensures pleasant indoor air and maximum energy efficiency

Overpressure mode – temporarily switches the unit to pressurise indoor air; can be automated with a pressure sensor to react to a stove hood, for example

Boost mode – temporarily switches the unit to maximum speed to quickly ventilate the space


Controlled via an iOS and Android mobile app – provides access to all features and settings, no separate remote required

Wall-mounted remote VE1 (optional)

Home automation protocol Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP


Dutcs 200mm

Condensate removal fitting ⌀15mm, 3 meter hose included.

Airobot L5 ERV models do not require condensate removal installation (in normal operating conditions). In high-humidity conditions, condensate removal should nevertheless be installed. Ask your reseller for details

Panel filters: extract ePM10 55% (M5) / outside air ePM1 55% (F7)

Package size  (to be confirmed), weight 50kg

Warranty: 2+ 2 years

CE certified

The device has been tested in an independent accredited laboratory and is compliant with European Union eco-design directives.


Pressure switch – automatically activates positive pressure mode when the kitchen hood is turned on

Dust (PM) sensor

Wireless (Wi-Fi) module (for providing Internet connectivity if the unit is too remote for connecting via an Ethernet cable)






View: From the top (ceiling-mounted)

1. Supply air
2. Extract air
3. Exhaust air
4. Outside air

View: From the top (ceiling-mounted)

1. Exhaust air
2. Outside air
3. Supply air
4. Extract air

Energy labels



1 Airobot ventilation unit
1 plug-type power cord, length 2m C19)
1 condencate hose

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