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Ventilation humidification system

The central humidifier is used during the heating period when the humidity may fall uncomfortably low as a result of ventilation.

The central electrode steam humidifier can be used to increase the humidity level and maintain it for extended periods, using just the ventilation system.

The humidifier is connected to the water supply and drainage plumbing. The device’s steam cylinder is filled with water and voltage is applied to the metal electrodes, which heat and boil the water. The steam generated is directed to the ventilation duct via a steam pipe (nozzle). Steam generation can be adjusted by varying the water level in the cylinder.

Automation and control

The user sets the desired humidity level (max 40%) in the mobile app or wall controller and the humidifier maintains that level.

The Airobot ventilation unit monitors supply air humidity level (max 75%) and ensures that it does not rise too high. This protects the ventilation ducts from moisture and water damage.

If the Airobot ventilation unit detects zero occupancy, it will automatically deactivate the humidifier to save energy (only in automatic mode).

The Airobot ventilation units include control automatics as standard. An external sensor (included in the kit) must be installed 1 m downstream from the humidification nozzle.

The humidifier only operates with the Airobot ventilation unit. For further energy saving, we recommend combining the humidifier with a humidity recovery ventilation unit.


Maintenance: the steam cylinder must be regularly cleaned or replaced every 3000 hours (after every heating season)
Water supply and drainage pipe connections are required
3 Measurements: depth 222 mm, width 366 mm, height 530 mm
Power supply (VAC) 1-phase ~230 V 16 A
Steam production up to 3 kg/h
Plug-type power connection
Steam pipe fitting (mm) 22
Drainage fitting (mm) ∅32, drainage pipe
Nozzle condensate fitting (mm) 8
Maximum total power of the unit 2.3 kW

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