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Integrated solid particle sensor

A particulate matter sensor in the Airobot ventilation unit can measure the concentration of particulate matter (PM) in the indoor air. These particles are often categorized by their size, typically as PM10 (hundred times smaller than a millimeter) and PM2.5 (particles with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers or less). Some sensors can even detect ultrafine particles, such as PM1.0 which is thousand times smaller than a millimeter

Here are some benefits you get from a particulate mater sensor

1. Health Protection: Particulate matter can have a significant impact on health, especially for people with respiratory conditions, the elderly, and children. By monitoring PM levels, users can take action to improve their indoor air quality when necessary, such as increasing ventilation, using air purifiers, or reducing sources of pollution.

2. Improved Comfort: High levels of particulate matter can cause discomfort, such as irritated eyes, nose, and throat, headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. By maintaining lower PM levels, users can improve their comfort at home.

3. Informed Decisions: The sensor can provide data that helps users make informed decisions about when to ventilate their homes and when to use air cleaning devices. For example, if the sensor detects high PM levels, users might choose to close their windows if the outdoor air is polluted, or increase the use of air purifiers.

4. Maintenance Reminders: If the sensor detects consistently high PM levels, it could indicate that the ventilation system’s filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

5. Awareness and Education: Regularly seeing data about their indoor air quality can help users become more aware of the importance of clean air and the factors that can affect it. This can encourage them to take steps to reduce indoor pollution, such as not smoking indoors, reducing the use of certain cleaning products, or maintaining their cooking appliances properly.

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