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10 reasons to choose smart ventilation for your home

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The people of today spend 90% of their time indoors, so it is important to have a healthy indoor climate and make clean air a natural part of your daily life. While the air in Nordics is among the cleanest in the world, the air quality in our homes can be as much as 50 times lower than that of the outside air. It is often not possible to keep the windows open and ventilate the rooms because of the noise from outside, the lack of security, or the room becoming too cold. Airobot, in cooperation with university researchers, has developed the first smart heat recovery ventilation unit that continuously measures air quality and independently adjusts these parameters to perfection so you could breathe air as close to natural as possible at home.

Here are 10 reasons to choose smart ventilation:

1.Airobot takes care of you to make you feel good at home
Airobot works independently from the first day you bring it home. Surely, you have got smarter things to do with your time than setting up your ventilation system. The smart device comes equipped with sensors that analyse the temperature, purity, and humidity of the air, and adjusts the air volumes accordingly without human intervention. For example, when a bathroom is used, the unit senses the increase in humidity within less than a minute and distributes the moisture generated there over the entire living space, which, in turn, significantly improves the indoor climate. When there are more people in the room than usual, the air exchange automatically speeds up to make sure there is enough fresh air to keep everyone comfortable.

2. Suitable for both apartments and houses
The heat recovery ventilation unit should be chosen according to the surface area of the home, and Airobot has units for smaller and larger, older and newer homes. They can be mounted on walls and ceilings alike.

3. Built for the Nordic climate
The cold winters and hot summers will not make Airobot feel cold or sweaty. In summer, the unit detects when the outdoor air temperature is lower than the indoor air temperature, opens the bypass damper and starts cooling the rooms. In addition, the humidity recovery unit prevents excess humidity from entering the room in summer.
During colder periods, the air enters the room through a heat exchanger, where the fresh air is heated by the extracted air. As a result, there is no need for heating the outside air separately and the air blown into the room is close to room temperature.
In winter, the unit helps to keep indoor humidity levels comfortable. While in the case of a conventional heat exchanger, all of the moisture produced is immediately removed, then in the case of a humidity recovery system, it is partially returned to the room. This is particularly suitable for the cold Nordic climate, where the indoor humidity level drops to uncomfortably low levels during the heating period.

4. A healthy indoor climate
The air in Nordic countries is among the cleanest in the world. While the air indoors can never be as clean as the air outdoors, Airobot produces air in the home that is as close to natural as possible.

5. Save 30% on energy costs
Airobot uses a combination of sensors to detect when no one is in the room and switches to the lowest possible speed. For example, if the average room is left unoccupied for eight hours a day, Airobot saves up to 30% on electricity compared to a conventional ventilation system, and the heating costs are lower. Thereby, you also help to save the environment.

6. We make air visible
Airobot users can see their indoor air quality in real time from their phone screen and from the control panel at home. You can always rely on the unit and find out what the air in your home is like.

7. Works quietly
Airobot works so quietly you will not even notice it. Airobot is one of the quietest ventilation units on the market, with a volume of less than 40 dB.

8. Modern design
The modern design of the ventilation unit is suitable for homes with a variety of different interior designs. A design that you will not have the heart to hide in a utility room.

9. You are happier
Comparing average sleep duration in different countries with the results of the World Happiness Index shows that the countries with the longest sleep duration also have higher happiness scores. The most important thing for a good night’s sleep is clean air. So if you are well rested, you are also more relaxed, calmer, more productive, and, of course, happier.

10. Airobot likes to evolve
Airobot regularly makes software updates to its units, adding new functionalities. Continuous software development and upgrades ensure that it will be will be a state-of-the-art ventilation unit for years to come. All updates are installed automatically and do not require user intervention.

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