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Smart underfloor heating thermostat from Airobot

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Smart home devices are rapidly gaining popularity among homeowners due to their ability to make life easier, more convenient and energy efficient. A smart underfloor thermostat has a number of advantages over a conventional thermostat that make them indispensable tools in today’s homes. Here are four reasons why you should install an Airobot smart underfloor water thermostat in your home.

A smart thermostat makes it easier to control the temperature.

One of the biggest benefits of a smart underfloor thermostat is the convenience of temperature control. You can easily control the temperature using your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. This means you can turn the heat up before you get home on a cold winter day, or turn on the floor cooling before you get home on a hot summer day.

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Smart thermostats help you save money

Smart thermostats can help you save on heating costs by regulating the temperature in your home more efficiently. If you’re away from home for an extended period, you can turn the temperature down and then turn it up on the way back to the airport, so you arrive home warm. Plus, you can conveniently turn down the temperature in less used rooms for additional energy savings. Airobot’s clever underfloor thermostat is highly accurate and sets the temperature to within +/- 0.2 degrees. This allows efficient control of the underfloor heating.

The Airobot smart hydronic floor heating thermostat has an open API and compatibility with ventilation equipment

The Airobot smart underfloor thermostat has an open local API, allowing it to integrate with almost all smart home systems very easily and quickly. In addition, Airobot’s smart thermostats can also be connected to our heat-recovery ventilation system. This way they form a smart indoor climate team in your home. Both can also work independently.

Airobot smart thermostats help maintain air quality.

Airobot’s thermostats have CO2 and humidity sensors that measure the indoor air quality in your home. Excessive CO2 has a direct impact on people’s mood and performance. As we spend a lot of time at home, it is important that the indoor climate is as good as possible. Airobot’s thermostats help monitor this and signal when a room needs ventilation. When the Airobot thermostats and the ventilation unit are connected, the system automatically detects a drop in indoor climate quality and starts more intensive ventilation through the ventilation unit.

Airobot offers two types of heating control solutions.  Our 230V underfloor heating thermostats are ideal for replacing existing thermostats in your home today. 24V room thermostats are more suitable if you are designing a new heating system. If you’re not sure what you want, feel free to contact us and together we’ll find the right solution for your home.

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